The Goods

Стиль:Swing, Vocal Jazz, Vocal Pop

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The Goods is a band formed by Los Angeles based recording artists Lucy Woodward, Holly Palmer & Michelle Lewis. While busy writing, recording and performing their own music, which is heard on iPods, TV, film and on stages around the world, they first came together to sing at at a mutual friend's Christmas party. It was love at first note. They started writing songs together and called themselves The Goods. Their songs are inspired equally by The Andrews Sisters & Lena Dunham's character "Hannah"... показать целиком from the HBO show "Girls". Stylistically rooted in the swing and boogie-woogie era, their lyrics are strictly 21st century. What has emerged in their writing is an everywoman character who despite her best intentions is always getting into some kind of trouble. Their live show is a twisted, comical, slightly dark affair that leaves people wondering, "What did I just see?" and "When can I see it again?" They are currently at work on their debut release, which will be out early next year.

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