Serdar Ortac

Стиль:Dance Pop, Pop

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He was born in Istanbul on 16th February, 1970.
He completed his primary education at Kocamustafapaşa and secondary education at Suadiye High School. He graduated from the department of lathe-leveling in Haydarpaşa Vocational High School.
He began his higher education at American Language and Literature Department of Bilkent University. But he left the university without completing the education.
In 1993 he worked as a program producer and speaker at special radios in Istanbul. He was offered... показать целиком to sign a contract with Raks Music Company by a record producer listening his programs.
He got a chance on singing all the songs he wrote until that day and made an album.
In 1994, he made his debut album, "Aşk İçin-Karabiberim " and enter the music world.
In 1996, he made his second album, "Yaz Yağmuru”. By singing the entire album in Spanish, he made a new album in Mexico . Then, in Turkey, he prepared this album as a single version in Spanish, too.
3. GECELERİN ADAMI album was released in 1998.
4. BİLSEM Kİ album was released in 2000.
5. OKYANUS album was released in 2002.
6. BENİ UNUT/ÇAKRA album was put on the market in 2004.
7. MESAFE album was released in 2006.
8. NEFES album was put on the market in 2008.
9. KARA KEDİ album was released in 2010.

Kral TV Video Music Awards 1994 - Best New Artist
Milliyet, The Most Popular Song of the Year 1997 – Padişah
Hürriyet Golden Butterfly 1994 - The most successful artist of the year.
Kral TV Video Music Awards 2000 - Best male artist at Pop Music
2003 Radio and TV Oscars - Best Show Program: Together with Serdar Ortaç

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