King's Call


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Alex Garoufalidis - Guitars & Vocals

Asek Bergemann - Drums

Mike Freeland - Vocals

Andreas Kramer - Bass


Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Gary Moore, Bruce Springsteen, Magnum, AC/DC, Dio, Rainbow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Ramones, Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, 3 Doors Down, Deep Purple, Jeff Healey, Hellacopters, Whitesnake, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Money, Maná, Survivor, The Police, FM, Bob Marley, Lenny Kravitz...
Sounds Like:
...this is what they say!!! : - M... показать целикомick 'the Bailey Bros.' : '...'KING'S CALL' is really a great band...!' - '...very good, ego-free lead guitar playing by band boss- Alex..' - Sleaze '...great melodies, a must for every AOR fan...' - Musix Magazine: '...great hooks, emotional vocals ,straight rocking beats...' - Bob Daisley: ' ...great radiofriendly rock music...' - Rock Hard Greece: 7,5/10-jia sou Patrida!!! '...'KING'S CALL' lead the way, we will follow...' - Cherie Currie : ' proud of you !' - Roddie Cleere WLRfm : ' ...the fact that the guitar tone has a Hard Rock feel to it is great....songs with a touch of 'American sound'...' - Hardsounds, Italy : 73 out of 100 points! - : 7 out of 10 points! - Hall of Metal, Spain : points: 7/10 - Rafabasa, Spain : points: 8,5/10 - Metal to infinity, Belgium: '...Awesome!' 87/100 - Obliveon, Germany : 8/10 - Allaradio, Italy : 4/5 - Mayfairmallzine, UK : '...slice of pure melodic heaven...'

...Airplay in Germany on "Munich’s hardest hits", 'H3 Bremen, in: Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, the U.K, Ireland, the Netherlands' etc...the band rocks! The Track "All You Can Do" made it onto the sampler of 'Fireworks' Magazine!

...Special thanks to : Mrs.Lynott, Roddy Cleere at WLRfm Dublin, Mick 'the Bailey Bros.', Mat Sinner, Sakis and Harry at 'Rock Hard -Greece !!! Jia sou Patrida!', WKZ Amps...rocking!, Bob Daisley, 'Munich's hardest hits' radio, Artistworxx, MBM...and last but not least: Chris Tsangarides!!! Efcharisto polí, na ise kala,Megále! ... our families and friends...we thank you all...peace out! !ALEX...'KING'S CALL'!

KING'S CALL recorded it's debut album with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides....jia sou, Mega!!!


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