Kill Devil Hill

Стиль:Heavy Metal, Rock

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REX BROWN – bass
MARK ZAVON – guitar
DEWEY BRAGG – vocals

It’s not easy to say what catches the listener’s attention first on Kill Devil Hill, the debut
album by the newly formed band of the same name: the strong guitar hooks, the killer
grooves, the dynamic production or the potent vocal melodies. Rex Brown, bassist of this
supergroup and erstwhile member of Pantera and Down sees Kill Devil Hill in its entirety
as an extremely exciting new band “To me, this band ... показать целикомis a musical adventure trip,” he
reckons. Brown knows what he’s talking about, after all he was involved in some of the
most important rock and metal recordings of the past 30 years. So if Brown can hardly
contain his enthusiasm, there must be something special to the Kill Devil Hill phenomenon.

The self-titled debut album has been scheduled for release on May 22nd on SPV Records.
in a number of different formats (CD, LP, iTunes) and presents a band which forms an
amazingly homogeneous unit of masters and fresh talent. Along with Rex, Kill Devil Hill
consists of drum monster Vinny Appice (formerly drummer with Black Sabbath, Dio and
Heaven And Hell), guitar virtuoso Mark Zavon and Dewey Bragg, a formerly unknown
vocalist who, you don’t have to have second sight to predict, is at the beginning of an
outstanding career. There can be no doubt that the future of this exceptional group is as
promising as the sound on Kill Devil Hill, their debut CD.

In 2009 Vinny had found the perfect guitarist in Zavon, who was also looking to start a
new band. Zavon played a demo he had recorded with vocalist Dewey Bragg, and Vinny
was floored. “Dewey has a fantastic sound, and has the perfect voice and image for this
new band.” Dewey is also a master of melody, with the gift of enhancing even the most
jagged arrangements with his haunting vocals.

Rex Brown and Vinny Appice have been friends for many years. “Vinny is a brilliant
drummer, and of course, I was immediately interested when he asked me whether I wanted
to play bass on a demo tape he was working on.” said Brown. Brown was sent “War
Machine”, an aggressive up tempo tune which really gets down to business, and is the
opener of the new CD. Rex’s bass was the missing piece of the puzzle. His “on 11 at all
times” bass style was a perfect fit, and completed the powerful rhythm section.

The CD’s strong numbers such as “Hangman”, “War Machine”, “Rise From The Shadows”
and “Up In Flames” feature contemporary and classic metal elements in equal measures,
combining old-school and new perfectly. The great potential that this new band has is
obvious, that special spark which draws the listener in and keeps them listening is
unmistakable. “This is a phenomenon which we also noticed during our first shows in front
of a live audience.” says Brown. Kill Devil Hill played their first gig back in April 2011,
followed by a 5-week tour in October to test audience reactions. Without relying on the
familiarity of Black Sabbath or Pantera covers, the band was able to win over audiences
after just the first few songs. “We’ve never experienced that with a band at such an early
stage.” Appice and Brown agree.

Kill Devil Hill’s strength is clear, they are an outstanding band who have written a brilliant
album featuring powerful songs, and will be a musical force to be reckoned with for years
to come.

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