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Kisschasy is an Australian alternative rock band formed in Victoria, Australia, in 2002. Since forming, their line-up has consisted of lead vocalist Darren Cordeux, bassist Joel Vanderuit, guitarist Sean Thomas and drummer Karl Ammitzboll. The band has released three studio albums, two of which are gold certified, two extended plays, a documentary DVD and a compilation album in their 7 year career, selling in excess of 90,000 records.


June 02, 2011 - NEW ... показать целикомSHOWS ANNOUNCED
Hello Ladies and Gents,

Just popping our heads up to let you know about a couple of little events we're lucky enough to be involved with. Now whilst we've been extremely busy, (I'm not really sure what the other boys have been doing) but I've been tending to my veggie patch and for those that care, my carrots and broccoli will be ready in two weeks! Fresh vegetable soup anyone? So, veggie garden aside, we're going to be doing two shows at the end of June at some of our old haunts. And the good news is one is in Melbourne, and we're coming back to Sydney for a brief little stint too. We were actually going to come up to Sydney anyways just to have breakfast on Crown St (ha!) but it just so happens that some lovely people asked us to play a couple tunes for you in-between dining. Love it when the stars align like that.

We'll be playing a show in Sydney at The Gaelic on Saturday June 25 for DESTROY ALL LINES w/ Ladies and Gentleman, and the second show will be at in Melbourne at Brown Alley (The Colonial Hotel) on Thursday June 30 for NEXT's 6th Birthday! Our friends Viking Frontier, We Rob Banks and Built on Secrets will be joining us for this one. Given we have played these venues a whole bunch, we're hopefully going to revive a few of the older tracks for our earlier fans. So get posting your requests on our FB page so we can read 'em and see if we can treat you all :)

We're really looking forward to these upcoming shows and who knows, maybe they'll give us the kick up the bum we need to write some new tunes for you guys.

Hope to see you all at our shows.

Until then, love and miss you all, Joel and that X

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